So, anyone watched the Oscars last night?

posted on: Montag, 3. März 2014

Pizza, Selfies and feel good harmlessness - what would usually describe the average movie night is also true for the Academy Awards 2014

Anyone else felt a little disappointed about the Oscars last night? I mean, after two minutes of Steven Gätjen talking to A-Promis on the red carpet I already wanted to switch off the TV from all the second-hand embarassment, but what can you do? His awkward way of talking to people that would rather be somewhere else (e.g. Ethan Hawke) has become the hate-love prelude of my Oscar Night tradition. 

Still, the hopes were high. Ellen Degeneres as a host and another Oscar that Leo is probably going to miss out on - potential for an entertaining show. But what did we get in the end? Beautiful Jennifer Lawrence with a Hilary Clinton commemoration hairdo (sorry, Jan, I stole that one!) and a picture in my head of Brad Pitt giving out plastic plates to his fellow actors that I want to forget about so badly. There were charming moments (Meryl Streep shaking da boobies for Pharell Williams), lovely speeches (Jared Leto and Lupita Nyongo), pathos (Bette Midler singing "Did you ever know that you're my hero" made me want to burn the whole Academy down immediately) and weird moments (honestly, what was Matthew McCounaghey trying to tell us? And how on earth do I write his name?). But even though it was at times entertaining and the twitter orgy of Ellen proved that the award show arrived in the 21st century, that special something kept missing - goddammit, at times I wished for a second "Boobs"-Song sung by Meryl Streep just to add a little edge to this whole event. Or Miley coming in like a wrecking ball, shoving Bette off the stage. (Just some suggestions, dear Academy, feel free to use them next time, but please give credits.)

We are left with the realization that stars are just human beings laughing awkwardly in selfies and looking just as unelegant eating pizza as us mere mortals. Although I refuse to believe that this is what we want from one of the last true events of sheer glamour and uninhibited star cult. 

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  1. ich bin leider eingeschlafen...hab die pizza aber gesehen. sehr gute idee haha


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