A vital sign from your blogger

posted on: Donnerstag, 1. Mai 2014

It has been silent around here and there are plenty of reasons for that. For once, I am working on some major changes regarding the blog that SHOULD have been all done with by now, but I am still not quite satisfied. Mainly because we are heading into the last weeks of the semester and things at Uni are getting stressful. That makes me angry, because I want to spend those precious last weeks in Italy not studying but being outside in the sun, with the wonderful people I have met here, enjoying life. 

I am working on plenty of posts about my trips and have many stories in my mind that are waiting to find their way into the world. For starters I posted a little sneak peek of one of the highlight of our Rome trip: The stunning rooftop terrace. It was amazing, so much I can tell you. I will show you the rest of the pictures as soon a possible.

For now, just be aware: I am alive. I am happy. I have ideas that I am simply lacking the time to implement. Just be patient with me for a little longer.  

Happy 1st May!

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