Naples Adventures, Part 2

posted on: Mittwoch, 9. April 2014

The following day, after raising our lazy eyelids and drinking Cappuccino in the sun in a little café right next to the busy main street, we made our way to the beautiful Island of Ischia. The others borrowed bikes to drive around the island, but after a disastrous coincidence with me and an especially rusty exemplar I decided to rather discover the area by foot. I did not regret it.

One of the highlights when visiting Ischia is quite certainly Castello Aragonese. I did not make it up there, but already looking at it is pretty breathtaking!

While I went adventuring I ended up in a fairy-tale like park that was incredibly quite and very different from the "usual" mediterranean feel of the rest of the Island. I followed a cat that I wanted to photograph for a bit and she lead me to this wonderful place: A lady sat there on a bench, surrounded by cats, assumingly the oldest one on her lap, mumbling "Che bella" while petting the Cat's scrubby fur.

One Frozen Yogurt and a beautiful sunset later we all met up down at the harbour to make our way back to Naples for some original Pizza and ice cold beer.

To be continued...

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