A trip to the city of Romeo and Juliet

posted on: Samstag, 22. Februar 2014

Just quickly jumping in to show you some impressions of our daytrip to Verona on Thursday. Such a beautiful place, even though the casa di Giulietta is a little bit disappointing, regarding the fact that the greatest love story of all time is supposed to have taken place there.

The carnival has just started and woke sleepy Venice from its hibernation. There are plenty of stories to tell and thoughts to write down, but for some reason I could not get myself to do that recently - which is a pity, since quite a few moments might be forever lost now. Next week my last Uni courses are starting and I begin to feel some kind of day-to-day-routine with the people, the university, the life. That might have been the reason why I was so shocked when the boyfriend, who just dropped by for a mini-vacation, reminded me that I have already been here for two months and that I merely have another four left. Holy crap, time is flying!

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing great and I will be back soon with more exciting things to tell.

Lots of love


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