Photo of the week #8 (well, actually one!)

posted on: Mittwoch, 26. Februar 2014

Two months ago the wonderful Fee and her blogmate-in-crime Juli launched their new Project "Photo of the week", which is a great way to collect small and great memories, remind yourself to always (always!) take your camera and take a peak into the life of all the other participants. I fell in love with the idea right away, but life happened and I totally forgot about it until now and I decided: Better late, than never! 

So what you see here is a photo taken on Monday morning (because hanging out at the beach while everyone else is working is totally my life right now, duh!). After a weekend of carnival celebrations and overcrowded places we visited the nearly empty beach at Lido. A light breeze, a completely blue sky and all of this in February. Hell, yeah! 

Life is so good right now. 

Foto der Woche

3 Kommentare:

  1. Großartig, dass du jetzt dabei bist <3 Und so einen leeren Strand nur für mich würde ich jetzt auch sofort nehmen...

  2. Ich bin so neidisch! Wie schön wäre es, jetzt am Lido zu sein...

  3. erinnert mich an Sotto Marina/ Chioggia...da muss ich unbedingt wieder hin :)


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